Sensibly Choose Your Ground Transportation

Whenever you are traveling in a bus, taxi, or rickshaw, make sure you check with the companies that you are using a safe mode of transportation. With this knowledge, you can always avoid the less reliable transportation modes. In case you choose to go for self-drive, check the functionality of the car that your rent to make sure that it is functioning properly. You should always wear the safety belt while driving to avoid exposing yourself to danger.

Check With the Governing Departments

The state department can supply you with all the safety information about the country. You can get accurate details from government websites of the region you are about to visit. Some of the information you get will be regarding travel warning, vaccinations and crime. You can register with them so that in case there is civil unrest or a natural disaster, you can get back home with immediate effect.

Review the Escape Route of the Hotel

It is good to be truthful to yourself as you check into the hotel room. Most people have more interests in seeing the view of the rooms and the facilities instead of reading the security map that is always placed at the entrance.  Make sure you know the emergency escape routes before you settle down into the hotel. In case of an emergency, you will knowing where the escape route is.

Leave Behind an Emergency Contact

Going for a relaxation vacation feels so nice but it does not mean that you disappear from the rest of the world. Leave a contact number of the hotel you will be lodging in with a trusted family member or friend. Try talking to them each day so that in case something unusual takes place, they will be aware and intervene.

Scan Your Documents That are Important

Scan your driving license card, identification card, and passport and save them on your email or smartphone. You can show these scanned copies in case the hotel needs to see them.

Confirm any Visitor With the Hotel Reception

Don’t open for anyone who knocks at the door without conforming with the receptionist. Let the receptionists confirm whether they have authorized someone to your room like for housekeeping before you open the door.

Don’t Display Your Cash

Safely keep all your valuables like cash and jewelry safely in your purse. Don’t show off your cash and leave behind big tips when paying your bills. Don’t take your Smartphone off most of the time because you don’t know who is standing next to you. There is normally a strong urge of taking several photos while traveling but try to minimize it.

Have a Backup Car Gear

Always pack an emergency car kit while driving. The kit should always have a snow shovel, tire gauge, phone backup battery. Canned food, bottled water. First aid kit, battery, and flash lights. All these travel and safety measures will make sure that you are safe while on transit.